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Let there be LIGHT!!!!

No self sufficient vehicle would be complete without a suite of off road lights. This week Roheryn was given four amber spots that all have High, Low, Combo beam and Emergency Strobe functions. She was given two forward hood mounted flood lights that are wired separately because the Forward Starboard Flood is angled towards the side of the road so that deer or other animals can be seen while driving (off road of course) and she was also given two flood lights that are changeable to any combination of white, amber, both and strobe. These lights and two of the amber were fit into 18 gauge steel cut outs that I made to replace the four way flashers above the windshield since it is illegal to keep them opperable.

Here are the amber lights :)

And the Hood Mounted Spots

And the Upper Lights are installed but still need to be tested.

These are the products used in this post!

***Amazon Links Are Affiliate Links! Any profits received from these links will be used to complete the build or to fund a new adventure in Roheryn!***


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