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It takes a bit of Rocket Scientist with a dash of Flower Child to build a Skoolie like Roheryn!

That's not a joke. Roheryn is a tribute to my father whose time at JPL changed the world for everyone in it and to my mother whose role in the civil rights movement helped to empower women across the country.  This is no ordinary Skoolie. It is part rover, purpose built to be fully self sustaining with redundancies for all life supporting systems. It is rugged and able to stay off grid, only limited by food supplies while being designed with luxury and comforts fit for an executive.  Unlike my father's creations, Roheryn is being created to tend to the free spirit given to me by my mother. She will guide me on my travels to find the perfect spot to relaunch Greens Farms my mission in life, a carbon negative farm that will change the cycle of food in the united states and hopefully the world.

Enough of the why! Below you will find the master list of all the crazy components that went into the making of Roheryn and if applicable, the links to the posts explaining them. 

A record of components used to transform this school bus into a rugged custom Skoolie RV

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